Q: When will you be making more videos with RIDE Channel?

A: As of now, no vids in the works, but you can take it up with RIDE Channel and ask them!


Q: Do you still ride for Mishka?

A: No


Q: Is the Mishka x Nuzzi Deck still available?

A: No, that was a one time limited release collaboration in 2015


Q: Which of your pro model skateboards are available?

A:  The newest POW Skateboard, “Nuzzi Hot Wheels” – shop link here


Q: Who are you sponsored by?

A: POW Skateboards, The Alpine Division, Medtainer, GPEN, Traction Coffee, SEND IT, Farout Sunglasses

Q: What Size board do you ride?

A: 8in


Q: What size wheels do you ride?

A: 52mm


Q: What size snowboard do you ride?

A: 153


Q: How tall are you?

A: 6ft


Q: How old are you?

A: 27


Q: Why the 91 on Nuzzi Brand?

A: 1991 was my birth year


Q: What stance are you on a skateboard?

A: Goofy


Q: What stance are you on a snowboard?

A: Regular


Q: Why are you goofy in skating and regular in snowboarding?

A: I have no idea why, what is switch lol