What's Nuzzi Hyped on This Week?

This week consist of TeckDeck Cargo Box, Mvmt Sunglasses, NuzziBrand 5Panel hat, Bill Evan Record, and Mario Tennis for N64!

Lets start with one of my favorite records, maybe favorite! Undercurrent by Bill Evans, is truly amazing, if you don't like jazz after this you will! I actually have 2 copies, one I got from babe that I still keep sealed up for a rainy day. 

Grew up mashing Mario Tennis 64 as a kid. I have been searching weeks to find this gem and luckily found it at a vintage game store not too far away from me. It brings back so many memories staying up late, eating cookie, and slamming YooHoo Chocolate milk. 

The NuzziBrand 5Panel's have been treating me well! It's a nice change of headwear and only a limited amount were made! Get one of the limited color ways (tan) or (army green) in the web store or click HERE

Yo, this collapsable TechDeck Cargo Park is LIT! It folds out to a full on park, surprised to hear there are 80 combinations you can make with this thing. My favorite feature is the pull out kink rain underneath the rail going down the cargo box. It also hold up to 3 boards in there, tbh I'm going to be bring this everywhere; camping, homies house, poolside....

Lastly, been digging this new sunnies by Mvmt. They are always coming out with cool new styles and these have been my go-to's this summer ! If you wanna get some sunglasses of your own use my PROMO CODE "nuzzi15" for $15 off your sunnies or watch - SHOP HERE -