What's Nuzzi Hyped on This Week?

This week's hype consists of NuzziBrand "SlushFest Hat", Mvmt Sunglasses, Stringbean Album, Mario Kart Double Dash, NuzziBrand Pins, and CandyLabToy Car. 

@NuzziBrand "SlushFest Hat" Has been my go to hat this week! It's a limited edition hat we made for my birthday bash in Mammoth Mtn. This is for sure a gem in my book! Get one now before they are sold out forever!

Shop here -> SpencerNuzzi.com

These @mvmt Sunglasses have been stuck to my face lately. Digging the tortoise frame and crystal mirror lens. Rocking them for skateboarding, snowboarding, and hiking with only good things to say. 

Shop them here  use my PROMO CODE "nuzzi15" for $15 off your purchase of sunglasses or watch!

I don't listen to bluegrass n' country but when I do it's StringBean. This album means a lot to me for many reasons. 1st of all my babe got this rare album for me,  2nd my fav banjo player, 3rd his life story is pretty crazy and idk why I know so much about him... Just look him up

Mario Kart Double Dash.... This was my jam during 7th and 8th grade! Me and the homies would make bets on games, skip lunch to play at our buddies house next to school, and so many good races! I recently found this gem at a vintage gaming store behind the counter and bugged the dude to sell it to me haha! Anyways, if you haven't played this GameCube gem, you should go get it now!

AHH the new @NuzziBrand Pin pack 3.0 is major hype right now! Still can't decide my favorite pin or is it the new "H8D Sk8r" playing card? Either way these are super heat so i'd buy some if I were you!

Shop them hurrrrr !

Lastly, the @candylabtoys Pioneer! Since I was a kid i've been collecting all kinds of toy cars. But these wooden ones from CandyLabToys just kill it. Yes they have rubber wheels, magnetic top for canoe, and durable for racing! 

Get your own -> Here